HD lace | HD lace Dark Skin | All you need to know

What is an HD Lace? What is an Transparent Lace? What's the Difference between a Normal Lace and HD Lace? How is a HD lace frontal on dark skin and What's the Difference Between HD Lace and Transparent Lace

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hd lace wigs: Things to Discuss with Your Hairstylist Before Getting a HD Lace Frontal

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Are you on the fence about seeking the services of a professional stylist for your human hair or lace front wig installation? It may seem better to do it yourself and potentially more affordable, but some risks accompany taking on the task of installing your extensions or lace front wig. Why not talk with a professional? 

Hair extension services are a fantastic way to pamper yourself and your hair under the right circumstances.  Salons like Hair by Karma Black not only sell hair bundles, lace frontals, and lace Closures but they also provide hair extension installation services onsite. 

Here are seven things to discuss with your stylist before getting hair extensions or a lace front wig. 

How Much Hair Should You Purchase for your HD lace?

Volume and length are two qualities that decide to get hair extensions so attractive to its faithful followers. You are undoubtedly not the exception to this rule. If you have an idea of the styles you intend to wear, talk with your stylist about how much hair you will need to purchase to achieve and sustain the hairstyle. He or she can help you identify how much hair to buy for your hair extension installation. 


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Discuss the Current Health of Your Hair

Many people leap into buying hair extensions without considering the overall health of their hair or scalp. Talk with your stylist about the health of your hair and scalp before installing lace Frontal. Some hair extensions can be heavy, and if your hair is already dry or brittle, or is actively suffering from damage, hair extensions can cause your hair to snap. 

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Your Lifestyle

Hair extensions are durable and can fit just about any lifestyle. The key is to know if your choice of hair will align with your upcoming schedule of events whether it's swimming in the ocean, workplace or spending an extra amount of time out in the sun. Don’t be afraid to discuss your options with the stylist as you want to get the most wear out of your investment without doing too much damage.

The Life Cycle of Your Lace Frontal Sew in

Talk with your stylist about the lifecycle of your extensions. Hair extensions are an investment, and virgin hair can last upwards of one to two years under the right conditions. Talk with your supplier or stylist about which extensions will offer you your money’s worth. Lace Frontals depending on your skin type can last up to two weeks or more, but it's a high maintenance hair style. 

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Talk with the Process Your Stylist Will Use to Install the Extensions

Most African American stylists will weave hair into place by using braids to anchor your tracks but never make an assumption. Talk with your stylist about the technique he/she will use to install your hair to ensure you are comfortable with their plan for your hair. Some stylist use Glue/ Adhesive to lay down the lace frontal. Some other stylist use a glueless method.

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Know Your Color Lace Options

If you are planning to deviate from the traditional black color, consult with your stylist about options for your hair extensions. Find out what options are available to you for changing the hair color or purchasing hair that will allow you to modify the color.

Discuss Your Hair Extension Care Maintenance Plan

Talk with your hairstylist about hair maintenance tips to sustain the lifespan of your hair and to keep it looking fresh and healthy. Find out which products work best for your hair choice and what options you have for visiting the shop intermittently for hair extension care. 

Hair Stylists Experience

Talk with your hair stylist about their experience if you are unsure of how qualified they are to install your extensions. Take a look at their portfolio or online gallery of styles. Online reviews are another fabulous way to learn more about your chosen stylist. 

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Where Can I Buy Affordable Hair Bundles in Fort Lauderdale?

Do you know where to buy affordable, high-quality virgin hair in Fort Lauderdale? We have the answer for you. Hair by Karma Black Salon not only has the most affordable luxury hair bundles in Fort Lauderdale, but you have the option of getting in-store hair installation at an affordable rate. If you don’t have time to stop by the store? Visit Karmablackhair.com now and shop online now for the affordable, high-quality virgin hair.  

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What is a hd lace Frontal?

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